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, 2017, ACiE has achieved another milestone, with great support from Chinese Embassy in the Czech Republic, successfully held the China Enterprise Forum in the famous Prague Castle. Mr. Ambassador Ma, Minister of the Chinese Embassy, Mr. Wang Jinsong, Political Counselor, Minister of the Czech Industry and Trade Mr. Tomas Novotny, Minister of Internal Affairs of the Czech Republic Mr. Marie Peduskcva, President of the Czech Central Bank, Mr. Tomas Nidetzky, Director of the Czech Republic Investment Authority, Mr. Karel Kucera, Mr. Bert Hesselink, President of AFI, Mr. Radoslaw Kedzia, CEO of Huawei, Mr. Hou Wenbo, President of Bank of China in Czech Republic, and 15 well-known Chinese enterprises, 5 local Chinese
media and 11 government departments attended the forum. The topics discussed in this forum revolve around some hot topics of investment in Czech Republic, such as the economic environment of the Czech Republic, local residence and work visa policies, and the influence of the "One Belt and One Road" on the development of Chinese enterprises and the local economy. Mr. Tomas Novotny, Minister of the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade, Mr. Marie Peduskcva, Minister of the Interior of the Czech Republic, Mr. Tomas Nidetzky, President of the Czech Central Bank, and Mr. Karel Kucera, Director of the Czech Republic Investment Authority, made speeches successively. Some local Chinese enterprises, Huawei, China Banks and CEFC also shared their experience in investing and operating Chinese enterprises in the Czech Republic.



, 2017, China Enterprise Forum successfully held on 20 th Oct, 2017, Chinese Embassy in Czech Republic and more than 20 well-known Chinese enterprises attended.  Mr.WangJinSong from Chinese Embassy in Czech Republic pointed that ACiE will be fully supported by supporting Chinese companies to suceed business in Czech republic and coodinating between local government/Ministry and ACiE. Huawei and Bank of China shared experience with members about GDPR and Anti-Money laundry. Basic scope of the ACiE and next step were discussed during forum as well.