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Our vision

The Czech Association of Chinese Enterprises (ACiE) is a non-profit organization composed of state-owned and private enterprises in Czech Republic. Since its establishment in January 2014, the basic idea is to maintain and promote the development of China and Czech Republic in the economic, cultural and bilateral fields, establish information sharing platform for Chinese enterprises, strengthen the communication and cooperation between member units and local enterprises, and achieve common development.
After more than three years of development,the Czech Chinese-funded Enterprise Association has 25 members, covering finance, communications, freight lofistics, aviation, technology, trade, cross-border e-commerce, energy, culture and other industries. There are many industry leaders in the membership. It reflects the strong strength and broad representation of the Chinese-funded enterprises in the Czech Republic. At present, the total investment of the members of the Association in Czech Republic exceeds 2 billion US dollars.
Since the establishment of the Czech Chinese-funded Enterprise Association, with the care and support of the Chinesse Embassy in the Czech Republic, it has helped member companies to develop in Czech. Help members understand Czech politics, economy, business, law and culture. Ptomote the communication between Chinese-funded enterprises and local government, corporate cooperation, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises, help enterprises comply with local laws and regulations, improve the operating environment and facilitate the development of Chinese-funded enterprises overseas.
——Response to members’ demands and safeguard the interests of enterprises.
——Cooperation and exchanges with local business associations to broaden channels of cooperation.
——Organize and arrange various lectures to help Chinese enterprises understand Czech Republic government policies and measures, local investment environment, laws and regulations, taxation, enterprise staff visa and other special activities.
——Focus on the industry, invite well-known enterprises to give speeches, discuss issues within the industry and share experiences.
——We will hold bilateral economic and trade seminars, invite people from all walks of life to participate in exchanges.
——Organize cultural and sports activities to make Chinese and Czech enterprises understand the cultures of the two countries and enhance mutual understanding.
——Expanding publicity, promoting the fulfillment of social responsibility and establishing a good image.
——Actively cooperate with the work of the Chinese Embassy in Czech Republic.